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DojaDrop.com strives to be the industry standard and world’s #1 destination for iconic cannabis brands! Our soul reason for existence is to empower growth and advocacy within the cannabis community through support for cannabis culture and lifestyle allowing our industry to thrive one drop at a time. Through this extraordinary platform, industry partners across the country and around the world are able to market individual brands that aid in the pursuit to spread the joys of the plant we all love! The true beneficiary of our services are the millions of consumers within the cannabis community who will have access to products, knowledge and information that will help to educate and empower this industry allowing it to advance forward and reach legendary heights.

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Meet the Doja Drop Team

~Rollin Mota

Favorite Strains: GG4

SmokersClub Achievement:  Dropped jars until the competition was alive no more

High! I hope your day is going great, full of love, joy, and happiness.

Cannabis saved my life. My favorite part of the day is waking up to beautiful mother-ship kisses and breaking my fast to a delicious concentrate terpene platter. The higher the star the better the bubble, blow it out the window so we don’t get in trouble.

 I love setting gorgeous flowers on fire and breathing in their sweet sweet relief, just to relax and stare at pretty glass. Design some art and enjoy being chiefed.

To get a hold of me, Roll it up. Light it up. Torch it up. Dab it up. Live lit up.


Cannabis is a lifestyle which improves your relationship with the vibes around you. I have been blessed to be a part of this beautiful culture for over twenty years and still enjoy every minute. My journey with the plant has been a long and fulfilling ride having spent time providing, cultivating, processing and retailing.

At Doja Drop we aim to be your go to spot for all things cannabis. Either if it is the new new or if it is the back story we will share the inside track on our culture as it trends. And of course we stay with a fresh rolled and set to put it in the air.

 Stay blessed and give danks!


Doja Drop is special in helping to advocate and move the needle forward in hopes of allowing humanity to chief in peace and enjoy a stress free smoke with a friend in need. I'm excited more than anything to help this cause and know that together we will achieve legendary strides in knocking down the barriers against cannabis.

Much love and I hope we get too bust down a Backwood together someday soon!


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(206) 388-6798

Live Lit Up!